My name is Steven Reyes, I go by Stevie Kings, and I am a working independent drummer living out of Brooklyn, New York. I play music in various styles including funk, R&B, hip hop, and rock. I moved to New York City in 2010 and have played at venues such as Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, and Mercury Lounge, including many others. I take music very seriously and always bring 100 precent to any gig or musical endeavor. I enjoy the process of working with other musicians and always try to stay open minded, positive, attentive, and appropriately critical of both my playing and its role in any musical piece. I am an easygoing guy that likes to work hard and constantly progress musically.

My musical taste has a strong preference to hip hop, R&B, and 70s motown and soul. However, I actively listen to and stay current in all genres and enjoy the connective nature of various styles of music. My educational study has a broad range from jazz to latin to reggae. I’m always interested in artists who are looking to expand on stylistic exchanges and have the ear to appreciate the undertaking. Working to make great music is my goal, and I am always looking for new partners to help do exactly that.


To get in touch, please email me at StevieKingsDrums(at)gmail(dot)com or fill out the form below: